Tricks for Cheap Theater Tickets

I get asked frequently how I manage to see so many Broadway shows. The short answer is that I have a bunch of tricks to getting discounted/cheap tickets. Here are some of my tricks to seeing Broadway show without spending too much money.

1.Rush Tickets

For many Broadway shows, you can line box office when it opens                                           (usually at 10 am) to get $30-40 tickets for that day’s performance. The trick is                     knowing what time you need to line up to ensure that you get tickets.

2. Lottery Tickets

Many shows also have online lotteries that you can enter for (usually) $30-40 tickets. Shows in theaters owned by the Jujamcyn Theaters (Groundhog Day and Kinky Boots right now) allow you to enter their lotteries up to one week ahead of your desired performance. and TodayTix host lotteries for other Broadway shows. The Hamilton lottery on BroadwayDirect is a particularly popular one. Wicked also still has an in person lottery that is drawn two hours before show time.


BroadwayBox is a website full of discount codes for several Broadway shows. They don’t have codes for every show, but you can find good discounts for popular shows like Waitress! This is most useful when you’re looking to buy tickets ahead of a planned trip into NYC.

4. TodayTix

TodayTix is an app that provides discounts for many popular Broadway shows. It used to only allow you to buy tickets a week ahead of time, but now you can buy tickets one month ahead! You don’t get to choose your specific seats with this app, but you can choose which part of the theater you want to sit in. Once you’ve purchased your tickets, you can pick them up for a TodayTix agent 30 minutes before showtime.

5. TDF

If you are under 26 or a teacher (like I am), you can join the Theater Development Fund for a $35 annual membership fee. Go to to find out if you’re eligible. TDF members are able to buy discounted tickets to Broadway shows. Musicals usually cost $47 and plays usually cost $41. I’ve gotten amazing seats at Broadway musicals for only $47!

6. 30under30, LincTix, HipTix

I’ve grouped all of these together because they are all similar. If you are under 30, you can get two tickets to MTC shows for $30 each if you join their 30under30 program. If you are between 21 and 35, you can join LincTix to get $32 tickets to shows at Lincoln Center. (The downside to this one is that you only get one ticket per show). Finally, HipTix allows people between 18 and 35 to get two tickets to any show at Roundabout for $25 each.

I hope this helps! Happy theater-going!


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