My Favorite Theater Podcasts

I’ve been listening to a lot of theater podcasts while driving around/walking around lately, and I thought I would share some of my favorites! Happy listening!

  1. Broadwaysted
    • Host(s): Kimberly Cooper Schmidt, Kevin Jaeger, Bryan Plofsky
    • Why you should listen: Kimberly, Kevin, and Bryan get together with a Broadway star every week to drink and talk about Broadway. Need I say more? If that isn’t enough to make you want to listen to this podcast, Kimberly, the show’s game master, comes up with some pretty excellent games for the crew to play every week. I find myself playing along and hysterically laughing as I listen to Broadwaysted every week.
  2. Broadway Backstory
    • Host(s): Patrick Hinds
    • Why you should listen: In every episode of this podcast, Patrick interviews the cast/creative team of a different musical to chronicle the musical’s journey from its roots to Broadway. In season one, there were episodes on In the Heights, Legally Blonde, and many more. Every episode is absolutely fascinating. It was enlightening to hear about all of the work that goes into bringing a musical to Broadway.
  3. Theater People
    • Host(s): Patrick Hinds
    • Why you should listen: Every week, Patrick conducts an interview with a different Broadway star. It is easy to tell how much Patrick loves interviewing these people, which makes his interviews so fun to listen to. At the end of every episode of Theater People, I have learned a lot about the person being interviewed. Very often, I tend to share stories told on Theater People with my boyfriend when I am done listening to an episode!
  4. Broadway Cast
    • Host(s): Ben Cameron
    • Why you should listen: I am loving this new podcast from Playbill. Each week (so far), a panel of three Broadway stars is assembled around a particular theme. Last week’s episode gathered three people to talk about their experiences going from stage to screen. Today’s episode featured three leading men of Broadway talking about their experiences. I’ve loved listening to how the three people on each episode have interacted with each other and the episode’s theme.
  5. The Ensemblist
    • Host(s): Mo Brady and Nikka Lanzarone
    • Why you should listen: Nikka and Mo have put together a podcast that is meant to put a spotlight on the people who aren’t often in the spotlight, and I love that concept. Their second season used the all of the Pulitzer Prize winning musicals to talk about he history of the ensemblist. I am a theater history nerd, and I LOVED that whole season. Their recent season interviewed ensemblists about Broadway traditions like Broadway in Bryant Park and Broadway sports.

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