Woman Power Wednesday: Jennifer Tepper

Jennifer Tepper is the Creative and Programming Director at Feinstein’s/54 Below. This means that she coordinates all of the shows that go on at Broadway’s supper club. She is also a renowned theater historian. She has written three books (so far) in The Untold Stories of Broadway series. In each of these books, Jennifer collects stories from current and former Broadway theaters.

Jennifer might know more about theater than just about anyone else. The Ensemblist podcast recently featured her in each of their episodes about the musicals that have won Pulitzer Prizes. She articulately spoke about each of these musicals and how each one was groundbreaking.

Jennifer has a particular interest in what she calls “underappreciated musicals.” This has led to the creation of the “If It Only Even Runs a Minute” series at Feinstein’s/54 Below.  She recently produced a concert version of  Rachael Lily Rosenblum…and Don’t You Ever Forget It, a disco musical that ran only seven performances. She also has a particular appreciation for Merrily We Roll Along, a famous “flop.” It says a lot about her passion for musical theater that she believes in drawing attention to all musicals, even the ones that most people tend to forget.

Jennifer’s passion for musical theater is infectious. It is so clear that she loves what she does, and she spreads that enthusiasm readily. It is inspiring to see someone who loves her job so much.

I can’t wait to keep learning from Jennifer through her books and interviews, and I hope to enjoy shows atFeinstein’s/54 Below for many years to come!


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