Woman Power Wednesday: Kara Lindsay

IMG_2744Kara Lindsay made her Broadway debut in Disney’s Newsies in 2011. While the show is based on the 1992 film, Kara played Katherine Plummer, a character original to the stage version of the show. Luckily, Kara’s performance was preserved on film, and you can buy it digitally on iTunes or Amazon. Kara’s portrayal of Katherine in Newsies is full of pluck, charm, and energy. Her performance of “Watch What Happens” is the highlight of the show.

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Roman Holiday

Roman Holiday, a charming musical based on the 1953 film starring Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck, is now playing at SHN’s Golden Gate Theatre through June 18th.

The musical follows Princess Anne (Stephanie Styles) of an unnamed European country who decides she needs a taste of how non-royals live as she ends her European tour in Rome. Anne runs away from her country’s embassy and happens upon a reporter for American News Service, Joe Bradley (Drew Gehling). Sensing a story, Joe takes Princess Anne on a tour of Rome. Joe also invites along his friend Irving (Jarrod Spector), a photographer, to take photos to accompany his news story. Continue reading

Woman Power Wednesday: Sara Bareilles

I’ve been a huge fan of Sara Bareilles’ music since the first time I heard “Love Song” on the radio. When I heard that she was writing a musical, I knew that I had to see it. The music Sara writes has a beautiful storytelling quality that I knew would lend itself well to musical theater.

When I saw Waitress at the ART in Cambridge, the show’s score entranced me. It sounded just like the Sara Bareilles music that I loved so much. The music that Sara wrote for Waitress ranges from upbeat and funny to heartbreaking and poignant. She has a unique ability to write music that can move anyone who hears it.

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Woman Power Wednesday: Mandy Gonzalez

I first fell in love with Mandy Gonzalez’s voice in high school as I listened to her as Nina on the cast recording of In the Heights over and over again. Nearly 10 years later, I still can’t listen to Mandy sing “Everything I Know” on the cast album without crying. That is a testament to the pure power of her voice.

Before Mandy was in In the Heights, she made her Broadway debut in one of my favorite musicals: Aida. She understudied the role of the Egyptian princess, Amneris, and eventually took over the role.

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Woman Power Wednesday: Eva Noblezada

IMG_2800.jpgWhen I realized that Eva Noblezada is only 21 years old, my jaw dropped. Eva, who plays 17 year old Kim in Miss Saigon, is remarkably classy and articulate. It doesn’t hurt that she has a hint of a British accent after living in London for three years.

I saw Eva’s performance in Miss Saigon, and she blew me away. She commits 100% to every single one of her scenes. She sings an incredibly difficult score beautifully and breaks the audience’s heart as she delves into the pain and trauma that Kim faces.

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