Carmen Cusack Appreciation Post

Carmen Cusack is currently making her Broadway debut starring in Bright Star. I first heard of Carmen back when she was playing Elphaba in the touring company of Wicked. (Who didn’t have a Wicked phase in middle school/high school?) Years later, I was pleasantly surprised to find that she was playing Nellie Forbush in the touring production of South Pacific that I saw. She was wonderful (of course).

Fast forward a few years to 2016. Carmen got a much-deserved Tony nomination for her performance as Alice Murphy in Bright Star. I followed her on Twitter right after Tony nominations were announced and discovered what a humble and genuinely lovely person she is. When I tweeted at her to tell her that I’d been a fan since South Pacific, she graciously responded to me and thanked me for my support.

And it’s not just me. Carmen responds thoughtfully to all of the (many!) tweets that she gets in appreciation of Bright Star. While I have yet to meet Carmen, I am hoping to see Bright Star again, so I can appreciate her in person.

It makes me so happy to see such a sweet person get recognition for her work! Carmen, thank you. I will be rooting for you!


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