2016 Tony Award Predictions

Tony Nominations will be announced a week from today, so I decided to make some predictions. I have seen ALMOST every Tony Award eligible musical this year. I haven’t seen enough plays to make educated predictions about the play categories. Here are my predictions for Best Musical and the four major acting categories.

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American Psycho

American Psycho, based on the novel by Bret Easton Ellis, opened at the Gerald Shoenfeld on Thursday. The musical is unlike any previous Broadway show with its antihero narrator and plethora of fake blood.

American Psycho centers around Patrick Bateman (Benjamin Walker), a shallow 1980s Wall Street investment banker who loves Donald Trump and his walkman. As the first act progresses, it becomes clear that Patrick also idolizes Ted Bundy. Patrick’s frustration with not fitting in, not being able to get the prestigious “Fischer account,” and not being able to get into the the exclusive restaurant Dorsia lead Patrick to quench his insatiable bloodlust by committing dozens of brutal murders. Continue reading

Tuck Everlasting

Tuck Everlasting, the musical based on Natalie Babbit’s 1975 young adult novel, started previews at the Broadhurst Theater on Thursday. The show is sweet and well-acted, but still has some work to be done before it opens on April 26th.

Tuck Everlasting tells the story of a young sheltered girl, Winnie Foster (Sarah Charles Lewis), who discovers the immortal Tuck family in the woods behind her house. She befriends the mischievous Jesse Tuck (Andrew Keenan-Bolger), Miles Tuck (Robert Lenzi), and their parents Angus (Michael Park) and Mae (Carolee Carmello). Terrence Mann plays the sinister Man in the Yellow Suit who is trying to track down the “odd family” with a big secret.
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