Cells Phones in the Theater

If you’ve seen Waitress on Broadway, you know that the show begins with a catchy tune from the show’s writer, Sara Bareilles, that reminds audience members to turn off any cell phones before the show starts. The lyrics of this song include, “No one’s gonna like you if your phone rings.” While every Broadway show includes a pre-show announcement with the same message, few are as clever and funny as the one at Waitress.

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After Anatevka

Anyone who has seen Fiddler on the Roof knows that Hodel, Tevye’s second daughter, gets on a train to Siberia early in the musical’s second act and is never heard from again. In her novel, After Anatevka, Alexandra Silber, imagines Hodel’s life in prison camps in Siberia with her Socialist husband, Perchik.

While After Anatevka features many characters and scenarios from Fiddler on the Roof, knowledge of the musical is not necessary to read and enjoy the novel. Silber introduces each of the characters and provides all necessary background information.

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Stage Door Etiquette 

This morning, I saw a tweet attacking Ben Platt, the Tony-winning star of Dear Evan Hansen, for not greeting fans after the show at the stage door. The Twitter user went so far as to call him an asshole. Ben, as the classy man he is, wrote a thoughtful post about needing to take care of himself in order to do his best work. For him, this often means going home right after a show. (His Twitter handle is @bensplatt. Go read it.)

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Woman Power Wednesday: Jennifer Tepper

Jennifer Tepper is the Creative and Programming Director at Feinstein’s/54 Below. This means that she coordinates all of the shows that go on at Broadway’s supper club. She is also a renowned theater historian. She has written three books (so far) in The Untold Stories of Broadway series. In each of these books, Jennifer collects stories from current and former Broadway theaters.

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Hello, Dolly! with Donna Murphy

There has been a lot of buzz surrounding the current revival of Hello, Dolly!, especially around its star, Bette Midler. Starting on June 13, Donna Murphy began playing Dolly Gallagher Levi on Tuesday evenings. It is absolutely worth seeing Hello, Dolly! twice because Donna Murphy is giving a sensational performance as the meddling matchmaker.

Hello, Dolly! chronicles the exploits of Dolly Levi (Donna Murphy) as she tries to convince a Yonkers businessman, Horace Vandergelder, to marry her. While their boss heads to NYC to march in a parade, Horace’s employees, Cornelius (Gavin Creel) and Barnaby (Taylor Trensch) head to NYC as well on a mission to find love. Also wrapped up in Dolly’s shenanigans are a widowed hat saleswoman, Irene Malloy (Kate Baldwin), and Horace’s niece, Ermengarde (Melanie Moore).

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